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I help brave entrepreneurs identify and visualize your company’s unique voice. Let me spice up your communication through branding and graphic design.

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Of course! For us, it is important to get to know you and your wishes. Therefore, we would like you to book a free 15-minute consultation (ex Zoom, Teams or other). In this way, we can talk together about your needs and how we can help you in the best way. Send us an email to: info@kalicreative.se and we’ll book a call!

Branding is the art of creating and managing a unique identity for a brand. It involves crafting a strong and recognizable image that communicates the brand’s values, personality, and message to the target audience. It encompasses everything from logos, typography, color palette, and tone of voice.

My Branding Light package is based on the idea that you already have an existing logo to start with, but you want to strengthen it with consistent color choices, typography, and create a cohesive graphic foundation. It’s my most popular and budget-friendly option to quickly get started.

My Branding Glow package is a comprehensive solution where you, as the client, receive all the logos you need, hand-drawn elements if desired, font combinations, color palette, stock photos, and accompanying templates. It’s my most extensive offering in brand-building communication.

My Instagram Glow package is an excellent foundation for businesses looking to give a little extra love to their platform. Perhaps you’ve hit a roadblock and lost motivation to post, or maybe you’re not quite sure how to work with graphic material. Or perhaps you simply lack the time to focus on the groundwork.

This package is based on your graphic profile, from which I create custom templates for your account that you can reuse over and over again. The package includes templates for Instagram posts, cover images for your highlights, a template for offerings to be saved as highlights, and I also analyze your profile and provide feedback with action suggestions for increased visibility/clarity (bio optimization).

I take on tasks like “just a logo” if I have gaps in my schedule. However, for me, it’s a very honorable and important task that requires precision and background, so it’s never just a logo for me. It’s a crucial cornerstone of your brand and therefore a significant job, even though many mistake it for a “quick fix.”

I believe and hope that you, as someone hiring me for this type of task, understand that I will put my heart and soul into managing your brand. So it’s with great care that I offer this slightly simplified version of branding.

When purchasing my services, as a customer, you will receive an advance invoice for 15% of the total amount. Once this amount is paid, I will commence the work process to complete your material/service.

The remaining 85% will be invoiced after the approved material/service, and you will receive a final invoice with a payment term of 14 days.

just nu endast 599 kr

Färgguide & Typsnittsguide till dig som vill ge ditt företag ett grafiskt lyft med en tight budget. Supersmidigt!

Detta paket innehåller 84 färdiga färgkombinationer + 35 designvänliga typsnittskombinationer.