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Hi, glad you're here, I'm Lina!

What an honor to introduce myself and my company to you. It is with incredible enthusiasm that I welcome you here!

I am passionate about marketing, layout and design. When I discovered social media, a whole new world opened up to me. Imagine a large canvas where you can combine image, text and form – it makes my creative ego dance loudly!

I have had the luxury of working on several projects that also resonate with my personal interests:

My passion has no geographical boundaries!

KALI Creative is based in Trollhättan, but we have no geographical boundaries, I have the honor of helping companies from all over the country. I believe above all that this is possible by working CLOSE to my clients regardless of distance. For me, it is important to create tailor-made solutions that really suit my customers’ specific situations and target group.

A small content agency with great passion!

// Your designer suporter storyteller creator .

Lina Katana

Are you ready to boost your digital presence together with me?

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